Friday, February 21, 2014

Stinkbug short History

Dear readers

I have completed a short packet that is titled "Bugs Who Love Bugs" and it is about stinkbugs and some of there history. In the 1900s they were a big problem that wouldn't go away. They ate all the crops and survived the winter. Next the main I idea is that the stink bugs are a confusing problem. Finally the last main idea is that they had to bring a predator known as wasps.

First, the stink bugs are a problem because they are sucking up all the salt in the crops. the stink bugs re more dangerous than the lack of calcium. The stink bugs cause the crops to have brown spots.

Next the stink bugs can survive the winter and that is a problem. They survive by living in "dead or rotting trees" said Donald Weber. He studies bugs for the U.S.A.D ( U.S department of agriculture )

Finally They are bringing wasps to kill the stink bugs. I think that this idea would make a bigger problem with the wasps. Wasps larva develop on stink bugs

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