Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Giant Sceem

Have you ever fooled your family? How did you do it? Why did you do it? Did it work, or did you get caught?

I have fooled my dad to giving me ten dollars to get new hat but then I was about to get a video game but I got caught. I also was grounded for a month! I also ran away to school so that I would'nt be grounded.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What Would My Parents Change About Me?

What do you think your parents would most like you to change about yourself? Use evidence from the text to compare and contrast your situation to the main character, Sam.

If my parents would change something I would be me playing a lot but not doing chores. My problem is like Sams problem because it is like my parents making me do chores for money. If I were Sams parents I would ask him why does he have so many friends that are girls?

Friday, January 24, 2014

So many Letters!

Dear Readers,
I have started Reading " your question for the author here" It is long Because Joe and the author Maureen are sending letters  to each other back and forth.
If you were able to get in touch with Kate DiCamillo and Jon Scieszka, what questions would you ask them? 

If I were able to meet these two authors I would ask them so many questions. First what was the first book they ever published? Second what or who inspired them to be writers? Finally what is your favorite book? I would ask if they ever had a book that was rejected and what was it about? I would also ask theme how do they get ideas to wright the there books? I would also ask if they have any ideas for a new book?  I would ask were they get there books publish?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Favorite Lead

Which story so far has had the best lead, and what makes it the best?

In my opinion the best lead so far is "Kid Appeals" This one is the best because it starts off surprising "Dwight Howtzler Is an idiot" it makes you want to read more and it is hilarious. I like how the author I would start like this too.
I like this book so far because it is starting to get funny. Kid appeal is my favorite story so far because the boys are entering a contest to go to A water park. If this was me I would enter in this contest because it sounds like the water park is like Water World. I would go to Christopher's blog to hear what he says about about the book. You guys should read this book it is funny and I think you should read this book if you like humor.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Favorite character

 Choose one character from any of the stories you’ve read in this book so far and explain why they are your favorite character. What makes a great character? How did the character change in the story?

My favorite character in this book so far Dean. He is my favorite character because he just became Ernest's friend because Ernest said he was going to swim in a pool made out of chocolate milk. Dean was in composition with other kids to go to the pool. Dean was trying hard to be able to go to the pool. It also ended up that Dean was punched in the gut by a bully. Dean was trying to help Ernest get away from the bully that punched him

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the prodject

Dear Readers
I have resiliently read the first half of the sort story kid appeal it is about a boy named charlie and his friend Dwight find out about a contest with huge prizes but it is due on Friday and they could win a trip to a water park. They were thinking up a good prodject      

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Sweepstakes are Fake!

Dear, Readers

We have finished the first mini story in guys read and dean found out that their were no sweepstakes and Dean ended up being punched in the gut helping Ernest from getting beat up.

What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done in order to get what you want from a friend? How is that similar to what you read in this story?

I got new friends playing in the school soccer team but had to learn hard things and some times. To me this is similar to the story because dean had to do something new to go to the sweepstakes. How many books are in his series.

Beggining Guys Read

Why do you think that Jon Scieszka chose to include this story first? If you were going to edit a collection of short, funny stories, what author or story might you choose?

I think that he chose to start with this story because it was his own story and it was funny to start with. If I were to edit a sort collection of stories I would start with Jon Scieszka story because it is funny and makes some people laugh. I wonder if Jon Scieszka has edited a comic book? I wonder if Jon Scieszca has met these other author in person? Will Dean be able to go to the factory with Ernest or will he fail trying.