Monday, November 18, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mr. Crepsley is a Vampire?!

in chapter 14-15 Steve decided to stay and go home late Darren secretly did without telling Steve. Steve was just waiting in the middle of the stage for Mr. Crepsly. Just then Mr. Crepsly swoops down to steve and then starts to talk to Steve. Steve says that he wants to become a vampire with Mr. Crepsly! Mr. Crepsly tastes Steves blood and found out that he had evil blood! steve gets mad and says that he is going to be a vampire hunter when he grows up.

What the author has done well was adding detail of the way Darren is felling if he was seen"if Mr. Crepsly knew I was here, there would be nothing to stop him from killing and eating both me and Steve". I am linking to Nicklos blog because I disagree with her opinion.    

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Freak Show Starts

In chapters 11 - 13 the Freaks Alexander ribs banged on his ribs and made some music with them. Rhamus two bellies can eat nuts and bolts he swallowed a chain! the next freak is the bearded lady but she didn't have a beard but then she started to grow a beard! The next act is with a man whose name is Creapsly has a big poisonous  spider whose name is Madam  Octa did a good act that was mostly about Madam Octa. Gertha teeth has strong teeth that can rip trough metal and any thing but that was the last act or was it.

What the author has done well is he adds detail to the way the characters look " Alexander Ribs He was the skinniest man I'd ever seen he looked like a skeleton". I wonder how the author got the idea of making this book. Fore more visit Jayce's blog I agree with him  his opinion is describing the way his life is so far

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Getting to Cirque Du Freak

In chapter 6 Darren, Steve,  Alan, and Tommy are trying to figure out who is going the see Cirque Du Freak with Steve they decided to put some papers in a bag with the ticket. then Steve let the papers fly over there heads. Darren held his hands out and then he closed them as soon as the second paper went to his hands he grabbed the ticket and he was going with Steve. In chapter 7 it talked about how they were going to Cirque Du Freak they were imagining a war going there. Once they made it there they were looking around to find Cirque Du Freak.

What the author has done well is describing the why the characters feel "I had my jacket on, but shivered away. Fore more about the book's chapters visit  Jaylon's blog because he will tell you some more about the chapters.