Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ch 4,5 of Cirque Du Freak

In chapter 4 Darren told his sister about the advertisement of Cirque Du Freak  but asked about freak shows to his parent's. In chapter 5 Steve got the tickets from a little guy. There was a problem about the tickets he only got two!

What I like about the book so far is that it has magic "the small guy disappeared" is a quote from the book. What the author has done well is he describes the events so well that it's like a movie is happening in your head. fore more of the book read Saul's blog.    

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cirque Du Freak Ch. 1-3 and Introduction

in the introduction it talks about how Darren Shan and his likes of spiders. It also talks about what he did to a pet Tarantula that he got for his birthday. In chapter 1 We get introduced to Darren's friends his three best friends names are Steve, Alan, and Tommy. in chapter 2 Alan finds a advertisement for Cirque Du  Freak and then there teacher Mr. Darren tells them about freak shows. in ch 3 darren and his friends are deciding if it's real and if they should go

I like this book because it has fantasy characters. For more visit Saul's blog

Monday, October 28, 2013

House on the gulf The Last Chapters

         In chapter 27 bran and his mom were fighting because they thought Ms. Marques called the police. Brittany thought that she could explain everything to Ms. Marques to hope that she would forgive them. In chapter 28 Brittany explained everything to ms. Marques. ms. marques told them that they needed to leave until the next day. In chapter 29 Brittany did something that is special for the Marques's.
        What I liked about this book is that it is mysterious and there is interesting parts of the story that will catch your attention. I recommend this book to people who like mystery's. For more visit Saul's blog    

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book Talk

Ladies and Gentlemen,

         I am reading a book called "The Secret Of The Fortune Wookiee". It's an origami Yoda book I chose to read this book because I herd that it was a good book so I read the book and it caught my attention. So I just kept reading it and  it just became more and more interesting. The problems make the book more and more funny because of the way they solve the problems. I also like how the author adds detale to the problems and the book has little quick sketches. this book relates to me because I like to do origami as much as the kids in the book like to.    

Friday, October 11, 2013

House On The Gulf chapters 1-3

In the first three chapters Bran and Brittany are looking at there new house and are talking to Mr. Marquis.  In the second chapter Bran and Brittany are  going to move to Mr. marquises house. in the third chapter when Bran and Brittany's family  go in the marquis's house For the summer.

I like how the author described how the marquises house looks " the house has mold on the walls" is how the house was described. fore more you should visit Jayce's blog.