Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Al Capone does my shirts paragraphs

         What I read so far is that a moose had to talk to the warden and that he is going to a new school. Moose does Not know anybody but piper the wardens daughter. Moose Is thinking about his sister Natalie. Moose Is introducing him self to the class and teacher  Miss Bimp  thinks that Moose got held back and she is asking a lot of questions to Moose.
         What the author has done well In the book so far is that he tells the problems and makes you want to read more. the author has done well describing the characters in the book and how they feel the author describes what moose is thinking and what he was thinking. The author makes me have a picture in my head.

chapter 11 Al Capone Does My Shirts Review

                 In chapter 11 when Moose's dad told Moose's mom what happened she had no reaction. Moose and his mom went to go see what is going on with Natalie the person they were talking to was rood he said that " when Natalie dies they should donate her brain to scientist".  Siting in Mr. Purdy's office made moose imagine moose punching Mr. Purdy on the nose. After they talk to Mr. Purdy they take Natalie and her bags home.
                What I think about the book so far is that it is good how the author puts things that make you want to read more. If I was in this situation it would be hard because there are a lot of problems and it would be hard not talking about Al Capone  to my friends. It would also be hard to lie in Alcatraz because what if a prisoner went in my house and it would also be hard because I wouldn't be seeing my dad that much.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Chapter 10 reveiw on Al Capone does my shirts

          In the last  chapter I read that moose worrying about Natalie because he got a call from Mr. Purdy that Natalie can't go to that school that she when't to see. Moose is not  telling his mom instead he wakes up his dad and tells him what Mr. Purdy told moose.
          what the author has don well is describing the problem  and the way he describes whats happening helps me see whats happening in my mind. The author has also don well describing how moose is feeling. The author keeps making more problems and they are interesting problems and they make me want to read more.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Agreeing and disagreeing with a writer and there post

This morning I read Bryan's post, which was all about Al Capone dose my shirts. Bryan says that Moose is a nick name and that they should call him Flanagan. I agree with Bryan but according to the book it says that Moose's real name is Mathew. what I also agree with Bryan is the problem Is that piper is moose's enemy.  

Friday, September 6, 2013


 I read that moose is happy to see his dad at the kitchen table because moose does not see his dad that much because his dad works allot. I can connect to this because my dad works a lot and I don't see him that much until night. I learned that Natalie likes when her dad reads about birds. I wonder why Natalie likes when her dad reads the bird book. I predict that moose is going to explore more. moose is saying different birds to Natalie and telling the page numbers that the birds are in.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Al Capone Does My Shirts

          What I like about this plan for Key time is that we get to use the computers. the other thing I like about this plan is that a little group gets a different book to read. Another thing is that we haft to read up to the chapters the teachers tell us to. what I have read so far is that Moose and his sister Natalie and other kids are there because there dads work there importantly. Also that moose has to take care of his sister wile his mom when't to get ice. Moose also had a argument of why he can't go work with his dad. What I like about this book is the characters names and the details they add in the book. what the author has done well is describing and adding details to give you a picture in our mind.