Friday, December 13, 2013

He Actually Accepted

Ladies and Genital men, I have recently read chapters 7,8 and 9. In chapter 7 once victor finds out that Riccio and Prosper got away he sprained his foot because he kicked the nearest post he could find. In chapter 8 The Thief Lord also known as Scipio accepted the request that Barbarossa gave him. In chapter 9, prosper told hornet about the incident with Victor.

I have looked at a web site that the book has at the back so feel free to look at it with this Link. The only thing I like about this book is that the names. I like the names because they kind of sound funny. Fore more visit Zach's learning den.           

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Victors close catch

        In the the thief lord I Read chapters 4,5,and 6. In chapter 4, the thief lord also known as Scipio walked in the old movie thither that the children live in and dropped off some things that he stole. in chapter 5 Prosper and Riccio got some of the stolen stuff and went to get money at the merchandise store. In chapter 6, as Riccio and Prosper made there way to the thither they ran into Victor the detective that was looking for them.
         This book gives detail to other characters in the book like in this sentence" And then came the sort stocky man with big feet and walrus mustache". I don't like this book because in my opinion there is not that much action until a case begins. To see more please follow this link to Zach's blog.  


Friday, December 6, 2013

Lost Children

         In the first chapter Victor Getz a private detective talked to Mr. And Mrs. Hartlieb to ask what they were looking for there answer was there two little boys Prosper and Bo. Mr and Mrs. Hartleib said that Prosper brought Bo from Hamburg to Venice. They put Victor in charge of them. In chapter Two Prosper and Bo are with a girl who only answers to Hornet  her nickname. Bo saw a cake he wanted because he was starving. Bo found a wallet on the floor and he piked it up. prosper thought that Bo stole it from someone. In chapter three Prosper, Bo, and Hornet went to a old movie  theater that was also there hiding place that only six children know about.
        what I like about the book so fare is that there is runaway children that go to Venice and are just wandering around the whole place and Bo steals sometimes like when he stole the wallet that was on the floor from a bold guy. Please follow this link to Brianna blog because I agree with her opinion about Bo.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mr. Crepsley is a Vampire?!

in chapter 14-15 Steve decided to stay and go home late Darren secretly did without telling Steve. Steve was just waiting in the middle of the stage for Mr. Crepsly. Just then Mr. Crepsly swoops down to steve and then starts to talk to Steve. Steve says that he wants to become a vampire with Mr. Crepsly! Mr. Crepsly tastes Steves blood and found out that he had evil blood! steve gets mad and says that he is going to be a vampire hunter when he grows up.

What the author has done well was adding detail of the way Darren is felling if he was seen"if Mr. Crepsly knew I was here, there would be nothing to stop him from killing and eating both me and Steve". I am linking to Nicklos blog because I disagree with her opinion.    

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Freak Show Starts

In chapters 11 - 13 the Freaks Alexander ribs banged on his ribs and made some music with them. Rhamus two bellies can eat nuts and bolts he swallowed a chain! the next freak is the bearded lady but she didn't have a beard but then she started to grow a beard! The next act is with a man whose name is Creapsly has a big poisonous  spider whose name is Madam  Octa did a good act that was mostly about Madam Octa. Gertha teeth has strong teeth that can rip trough metal and any thing but that was the last act or was it.

What the author has done well is he adds detail to the way the characters look " Alexander Ribs He was the skinniest man I'd ever seen he looked like a skeleton". I wonder how the author got the idea of making this book. Fore more visit Jayce's blog I agree with him  his opinion is describing the way his life is so far

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Getting to Cirque Du Freak

In chapter 6 Darren, Steve,  Alan, and Tommy are trying to figure out who is going the see Cirque Du Freak with Steve they decided to put some papers in a bag with the ticket. then Steve let the papers fly over there heads. Darren held his hands out and then he closed them as soon as the second paper went to his hands he grabbed the ticket and he was going with Steve. In chapter 7 it talked about how they were going to Cirque Du Freak they were imagining a war going there. Once they made it there they were looking around to find Cirque Du Freak.

What the author has done well is describing the why the characters feel "I had my jacket on, but shivered away. Fore more about the book's chapters visit  Jaylon's blog because he will tell you some more about the chapters.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ch 4,5 of Cirque Du Freak

In chapter 4 Darren told his sister about the advertisement of Cirque Du Freak  but asked about freak shows to his parent's. In chapter 5 Steve got the tickets from a little guy. There was a problem about the tickets he only got two!

What I like about the book so far is that it has magic "the small guy disappeared" is a quote from the book. What the author has done well is he describes the events so well that it's like a movie is happening in your head. fore more of the book read Saul's blog.    

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cirque Du Freak Ch. 1-3 and Introduction

in the introduction it talks about how Darren Shan and his likes of spiders. It also talks about what he did to a pet Tarantula that he got for his birthday. In chapter 1 We get introduced to Darren's friends his three best friends names are Steve, Alan, and Tommy. in chapter 2 Alan finds a advertisement for Cirque Du  Freak and then there teacher Mr. Darren tells them about freak shows. in ch 3 darren and his friends are deciding if it's real and if they should go

I like this book because it has fantasy characters. For more visit Saul's blog

Monday, October 28, 2013

House on the gulf The Last Chapters

         In chapter 27 bran and his mom were fighting because they thought Ms. Marques called the police. Brittany thought that she could explain everything to Ms. Marques to hope that she would forgive them. In chapter 28 Brittany explained everything to ms. Marques. ms. marques told them that they needed to leave until the next day. In chapter 29 Brittany did something that is special for the Marques's.
        What I liked about this book is that it is mysterious and there is interesting parts of the story that will catch your attention. I recommend this book to people who like mystery's. For more visit Saul's blog    

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book Talk

Ladies and Gentlemen,

         I am reading a book called "The Secret Of The Fortune Wookiee". It's an origami Yoda book I chose to read this book because I herd that it was a good book so I read the book and it caught my attention. So I just kept reading it and  it just became more and more interesting. The problems make the book more and more funny because of the way they solve the problems. I also like how the author adds detale to the problems and the book has little quick sketches. this book relates to me because I like to do origami as much as the kids in the book like to.    

Friday, October 11, 2013

House On The Gulf chapters 1-3

In the first three chapters Bran and Brittany are looking at there new house and are talking to Mr. Marquis.  In the second chapter Bran and Brittany are  going to move to Mr. marquises house. in the third chapter when Bran and Brittany's family  go in the marquis's house For the summer.

I like how the author described how the marquises house looks " the house has mold on the walls" is how the house was described. fore more you should visit Jayce's blog.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Al Capone does my shirts paragraphs

         What I read so far is that a moose had to talk to the warden and that he is going to a new school. Moose does Not know anybody but piper the wardens daughter. Moose Is thinking about his sister Natalie. Moose Is introducing him self to the class and teacher  Miss Bimp  thinks that Moose got held back and she is asking a lot of questions to Moose.
         What the author has done well In the book so far is that he tells the problems and makes you want to read more. the author has done well describing the characters in the book and how they feel the author describes what moose is thinking and what he was thinking. The author makes me have a picture in my head.

chapter 11 Al Capone Does My Shirts Review

                 In chapter 11 when Moose's dad told Moose's mom what happened she had no reaction. Moose and his mom went to go see what is going on with Natalie the person they were talking to was rood he said that " when Natalie dies they should donate her brain to scientist".  Siting in Mr. Purdy's office made moose imagine moose punching Mr. Purdy on the nose. After they talk to Mr. Purdy they take Natalie and her bags home.
                What I think about the book so far is that it is good how the author puts things that make you want to read more. If I was in this situation it would be hard because there are a lot of problems and it would be hard not talking about Al Capone  to my friends. It would also be hard to lie in Alcatraz because what if a prisoner went in my house and it would also be hard because I wouldn't be seeing my dad that much.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Chapter 10 reveiw on Al Capone does my shirts

          In the last  chapter I read that moose worrying about Natalie because he got a call from Mr. Purdy that Natalie can't go to that school that she when't to see. Moose is not  telling his mom instead he wakes up his dad and tells him what Mr. Purdy told moose.
          what the author has don well is describing the problem  and the way he describes whats happening helps me see whats happening in my mind. The author has also don well describing how moose is feeling. The author keeps making more problems and they are interesting problems and they make me want to read more.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Agreeing and disagreeing with a writer and there post

This morning I read Bryan's post, which was all about Al Capone dose my shirts. Bryan says that Moose is a nick name and that they should call him Flanagan. I agree with Bryan but according to the book it says that Moose's real name is Mathew. what I also agree with Bryan is the problem Is that piper is moose's enemy.  

Friday, September 6, 2013


 I read that moose is happy to see his dad at the kitchen table because moose does not see his dad that much because his dad works allot. I can connect to this because my dad works a lot and I don't see him that much until night. I learned that Natalie likes when her dad reads about birds. I wonder why Natalie likes when her dad reads the bird book. I predict that moose is going to explore more. moose is saying different birds to Natalie and telling the page numbers that the birds are in.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Al Capone Does My Shirts

          What I like about this plan for Key time is that we get to use the computers. the other thing I like about this plan is that a little group gets a different book to read. Another thing is that we haft to read up to the chapters the teachers tell us to. what I have read so far is that Moose and his sister Natalie and other kids are there because there dads work there importantly. Also that moose has to take care of his sister wile his mom when't to get ice. Moose also had a argument of why he can't go work with his dad. What I like about this book is the characters names and the details they add in the book. what the author has done well is describing and adding details to give you a picture in our mind.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


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